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Recovery Room

Picture this: a wellness recovery room that prioritizes semi-autonomous care, complete with cutting-edge AI massage chair therapy, dynamic air compression therapy; Normatec 3, massage tools, and inversion therapy. All designed to enhance your wellness even while busy! Speed up recovery time, boost your training, and take your health and performance to a whole new level!


Fun Facts:

Did you know the Cozzia AI Massage chair is the first and only true AI massage chair on the market? 

Did you know the Normatec 3 is used by 97% of all professional athlete teams in the United States? 

RECOVER FASTER, and you can train harder!


"I can't believe the difference this space has made for me. My performance has dramatically improved, I can train harder because I recover faster! The Normatec system alone makes it worth every penny!

- satisfied customer

Inversion Table.jpeg

Inversion Board

HVolt Leg Woman.jpeg

Self Massage Tools

Venom Leg 3.jpeg

Heat / Ice Compression
Vibration TOOLS

venom-leg main.jpeg

"We fee like the recovery [room] is one of the  best investments we have terms of how we manage our athletes. Our goal with our athletes is to do everything we can to helps them be at their best.... I think the NormaTec unit is a critical component to that process." 

- Jeff Allen

Director of Sports Medicine

Monthly Memberships

(4 Month Min commitment on all but month to month plan)

- Basic: 1x 60 Min Sessions per week: $100/month

- PRO: 1x 60 Min Session per day: $250/month

- Family Pass: $500/month

(must be in same household & immediate family to qualify)

Month to Month: 1 60 Min Session per week: $150/Month

"With our 162-game season...the team that show up the most rejuvenated has a real advantage. We feel NormaTec systems are a critical tool to give our athletes that edge." 

- Brad Pearson

Director of Sports Medicine



- 30 Min: $45 (HST Included)

- 60 Min: $60 (HST Included)

- 90 Min: $80 (HST Included

Month to Month: 1 60 Min Session per week: $150/Month

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