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Sanjay Govindaraj


Counselling, EMDR

As a therapist who has supported adults and youth from diverse cultures, faiths, sexual orientations and family structures, I know that we each have unique needs and experiences. I try to be sensitive, flexible and responsive to those needs and build trust by listening empathetically to your concerns. Depending on your needs, I offer short-term counselling to deal with a specific issue, and longer, more open-ended work. I also offer a free 30-minute consultation you are welcome to use and see if I am the right fit for what you are looking for.


Areas of Interest:

- EMDR Therapy

- Trauma; depression; anxiety; self harm; suicidal ideation; sexual orientation; LGBTTQ+; understanding self; marital relationship; positive parenting; social and family relationship; financial stress; bereavement; challenges starting a family/infertility/adoption; addictions; sleep; obsessive compulsive disorders; physical and sexual abuse.

  • Osteopath


  • art therapy


  • counselling


  • psychotherapy


  • osteopathy