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Improved Health | Improved Performance

At Aligned Health, scheduling an Osteopathic Manual Therapy appointment has become simpler than ever before. Each personalized assessment & treatment plan provide our patients with the unique resources they need to get their health on track — you’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your health is in good hands. Get in touch and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience using our live calendar booking system.


Osteopathy focuses on the position of bones, joints, muscles, organs, connective tissues, fluids and their contents to find a positional imbalance that can cause unwanted symptoms. Let us help you find the cause behind your pain, not just chase your symptoms.

The art of applying a complex science into a manual therapy.

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Sports Therapy

You train hard & sometimes your body pays the price. We offer:


- Sports Prehab/Rehab Therapy

- Exercise Rehab Protocol & Gene BluePrint DNA Testing

- Certified RockTape Kin Taping


Improve your health, improve your performance!

Concussion Treatment

Head impacts, brain injuries & concussion symptoms - no two concussions are identical. We do a comprehensive physical assessment, cognitive brain function testing & design a unique treatment protocol for your unique situation.

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The Fluidic Body

Your body is 75% fluid. Therefore your body should move fluidically.
- Base on Nate Enns' thesis work while incorporating the fluidic techniques of Dr Robert Rousse as well as the the science & techniques of Dr Zink, he will create a custom treatment plan for:
- Chronic Pain Syndromes
- Swelling & Edema
- Hormone & Chemical Regulation
- Menstrual Cycle Bloating & Cramping