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Why is our Aligned Health team so different?  We understand that there is no single solution therapy. By integrating different disciplines, we will help you achieve your end goal faster.   We integrate knowledge and methods from different therapies, working together as a team.  Stress, whether physical or mental or emotionally primary, has an impact on your entire health. At Aligned Health, we work as your health advocates, bringing you a fresh look at healthcare.



Counselling Professionals/Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Dietitian, Dark Blood Cell Microscopy, EMDR & CBT, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Scalp Massage, Orthotics & Bracing, Osteopathy / Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Sports Therapy, Reiki & Biofield Therapy. 

Corinne Robinson, RMT, PTA/OTA, FMT RockDoc
Clinical Massage Therapy & Lymph Drainage
Cristina Fernandes ​RD, CDE, PHEc
Registered Dietitian
Emily Enns, BA
Director of Operations
Gillian Wells, MSW, RSW
Psychotherapy & Counselling Professional
Heidi Argyle MA, RCAT, RP Art Therapist
Counselling, Art Therapy
Rev Dr Jaqueine Bowman, PhD., Mmsc
Biofield (Reiki & SIM) & Shihan
Jennifer Gulas-Krulicki B.A (Kin), C. Ped (C)
Nate Enns, BSc Ost, DOMP, RMT, FMT RockDoc
Osteopathy | Osteopathic Manual Therapy
Rebecca David, RMT
Registered Massage & Sports Therapy
Sanjay Govindaraj MSW, RSW
Counselling, EMDR
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