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A Fresh Look at Healthcare


Aligned Health is a solution-oriented, complementary, interdisciplinary* clinic dedicated to helping clients move past health challenges that keep them from enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle. At Aligned Health, we take a fresh look at your healthcare, by getting to the root cause and listening well - to you, your body and the latest medical research.

We love seeing our clients transform into hopeful, active individuals who feel confident that they have a vibrant future. Our team of certified health care professionals are committed to thinking outside of the box to find the best, innovative solutions for even the most challenging conditions.


*interdisciplinary integrates knowledge and methods from different disciplines, using a real synthesis of approaches and a higher degree of integration of processes to achieve a better perspective.

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Specialized Care

Why is Aligned Health so different?  We understand that there is no single solution therapy. By integrating different disciplines, we will help you achieve your end goal faster.   We integrate knowledge and methods from different therapies, working together as a team.  At Aligned Health, we work as your health advocates, bringing you a fresh look at healthcare.

Specialized Care

Open: Monday - Saturday By Appointment Only

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745 Bridge St W #6
Waterloo, N2V 2G6


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