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Listen up! Gillian Wells on CBC's The Morning Edition - K-W

In case you missed it, our very own Gillian Wells, (MSW, Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist) spoke with CBC's Craig Norris about how coaches, trainers and parents can support and listen to young athletes who are bullied or who become bullies.

About the episode (as per CBC Radio - The Morning Edition - K-W):

"Sports - by their nature- are competitive. But what happens when the desire to be the best leads to athletes becoming bullies or victims of bullying. Gillian Wells is a registered social worker who provides psychotherapy to athletes at Aligned Health in Waterloo and she offers her thoughts on what adults (parents, coaches, trainers) can do to better support young athletes."

This episode aired on July 6, 2022 on CBC Radio's The Morning Edition - K-W. To hear a recording of this episode, click here:


About Gillian: As a registered social worker with over 20 years of experience, I am a goal oriented and problem-solving focused therapist. My style is interactive and engaging. Life transitions such as work stress, separation & divorce, illness, relationship problems, challenges with parenting or retirement can result in anxious and depressive symptoms. Transitions happen to all of us – they are not shameful problems.

I work with individuals, couples & families as well as members of the African, Caribbean, Black & people of colour community. I provide anti-oppressive & culturally sensitive informed evidenced based psychotherapy to help address issues commonly faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds. Faith based therapy is also available.

Having raised an elite athlete competing at the national level, I have an acute understanding of the challenges, pressure & stress competitive athletes face. I provide psychotherapy to athletes currently competing and experiencing blocks in their performance as well as those sidelined by an injury or struggling with transitioning from being an elite athlete.

I also provide couples counselling and issues related to - effective communication, separation or divorce, single parenting, blended family or interracial issues.

My treatment approaches include: CBT, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy, trauma therapy, Gottman method, emotionally focused couples therapy and sports performance counselling.

To book an appointment with Gillian, click here. Gillian can also be reached at

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