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New Intern, Naomi Fietje for 2023

Meet Naomi Fietje

Naomi (pictured to right) will begin her

internship with Nate Enns in January 2023. She will be in our clinic assisting with Nate with treatments (with your consent) and working on her Kinesiology degree internship schoolwork when not in the treatment room.

Her planned schedule will be:

- Monday mornings 9am-12pm

- Tuesday afternoons 12pm-5:30pm

- Thursday mornings 9am-12:45pm

Naomi is completing her kinesiology

degree at Redeemer University, and is

looking to start Osteopathic Manual

Therapy school next fall. I'm excited to

have her on board with us as she grows

in her professional career as well.

Her presence in the room will be

100% your choice, If you would

prefer not to have a student in the

room, please let me know so that I

can make arrangements during

your treatment block for her to do

something else.

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