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Here come the results...

Guest blogpost from Jacqueline Bowman (nd).

"It's time to really dig into the numbers with the findings of my heart project #VibrantHealthResearch©," Jacqueline Bowman (nd).

This is all about taking a step in finding a way to share with others, a little bit of what we Reiki Ryoho practitioners "see" when channeling the life force energy to those who are looking for ways to become more happy and healthy. Perhaps some more incite as to why one feels more relaxed, more balanced, more, just...more. And we can't forget the less. Less pain, less stress, reduced symptoms.

Change is always good as it is motion. Remember, everything is energy. Reiki is energy. Unconditional.

Being able to view this activity within the blood is a sacred way to receive a glimpse of ourselves in action. We are magical.

I was able to do this "glimpsing" via Live Cell microscopy.

Today I'd like to share some of what is coming out of the numbers, so to speak, as I track this change.

To recap the process: With an initial sample from my volunteer, images were taken and rated prior to offering 1/2 hour of Reiki. That sample sat and was alive while this receiving was going on. After the 1/2 hour Reiki another round of images and rating were done. These were compared. Then a second sample was taken from my volunteer, who has now just finished receiving Reiki, and that sample is compared to the first.

Preliminary findings are revealing up to a 66.67% increase in overall improvement in the quality of the samples.

The quality of our blood is a major factor in the elimination of toxins, viral and bacterial waste, and the transport of nutrients and hydration in an optimal manner. It affects our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. That's repair. That's vitality, I must say that am kind of excited to be shown this. It is a universal challenge amongst channels and energy workers alike to quantify our work. I'm happy to begin to excavate that bridge between science and spirit. Perhaps Mr. Einstein would consider this a bit of his 'Spooky Action At A Distance' - live for us all to be witness.

The final report is getting closer to being ready to present. I continue to be amazed at all of the support and enthusiasm. I am finding that it takes a lot of learning, a good daily dose of Reiki, and some great synchronicities to get this out there in the most graceful, honorable way.


Jacqueline Bowman has been assisting others since 2003 to effect whole healing by incorporating the wisdom of spirit, mind, and body. She is a Naturotherapist (nd) and Transpersonal Counselor (PhD) taking a holistic approach to the wellness of the entire self - utilizing Reiki, Subtle Influence Medicine, and Live Cell analysis to assess information from the body and levels of higher consciousness. With a goal to educate and facilitate whole healing, these new choices and changes can lead to balance in health and the potential to eliminate mysterious symptoms and emotional challenges. Click here for more information about VibrantHealthResearch© and the services offered by Jacqueline Bowman.


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