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Overcoming "Blue Monday" (or the winter blues)

While “Blue Monday” is more of a marketing ploy (created by the travel industry - ha remember travel 🤣), the winter blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are very real thanks to the colder and darker days during the winter months. Add to that the isolation and fatigue from COVID-19, and this winter certainly can feel blue.

So what are some lifestyle changes we can make to help overcome our winter blues?

⁃ Bundle up & get outside when you can

⁃ Use a SAD lamp at your desk to help get more light, or move your chair closer to a window during the day

⁃ Exercise/move more

⁃ Eat a balanced diet

⁃ Stay connected with others (using Zoom and other online tools, call a friend, send an “old fashioned” letter in the mail)

⁃ Find something to look forward to (an online lesson to try something new (music/dance/workouts - check out what our friends at Aligned Gym are doing remotely), discover a new takeout joint, reserve that new book from the local library and take advantage of their free curbside pickup)

⁃ Practice some meditation

Keep in mind lifestyle changes might not be enough to beat SAD or your winter blues and other treatment options ARE still available, even during the province-wide shutdown. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support or services. Your health is essential and we have a range of services to help support your health and well-being - check them out here. Take care friends!


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